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"Dear Ms. Choi,

        I strongly believe that it takes someone like you (who is not teaching for the sake of making money only but has a genuine interest in our kids development) to develop the traits that Arshia is capable of showing.
        In fact, Arshia has a keen interest in Arts & Dance ( you may be aware of it). She likes to spend most of her free time drawing, coloring and enjoys dancing. I am still trying to find a good teacher here who can help groom her talent - tried a few options but has not worked out well so far. Hopefully,it will happen soon. [...]
        The only reason we moved to Texas was because of Arshia's health. The weather here is warm for most part of the year and that is helping her a lot. She does not have to take any steroids now which was impacting her health badly in NJ.
        She is doing well and is happy with her new school here. In fact, her current teacher Ms. Cook mentioned she relies on Arshia as a "balancer" in her class. She tries to put other kids who need help and caring in the same group or table as Arshia - and this helps maintain a balance in the class. It possibly is the love and affection with which you have groomed her during her early school days.
        We are blessed to have her in our lives - I have personally learnt a lot from her in fact and can go on record for that.
        I am in Texas now but visit NJ once in a while for work. Plan to bring Arshia and the whole family there some day again to meet all of you. Will keep you informed.  [...]

Best Regards"  - Mr. V.P.

"Extremely pleased with the progress of my son Arhan.I am extremely confident he is in very good hands with Mrs Choi.  He has developed overall skills apart from reading and writing. He was extremely pleased with the Art classes by Mrs Bea and the field trip at the end of the year with all the teachers.
I will definitely suggest Discovery Montessori to prospective  Parents who want quality education  and care for their little ones."  - Mrs. M.A.

"Both my sons were taught in their pre-school years by Mrs. Choi - who I feel is a very patient and caring teacher. She took care of them and taught them every day, with a gentle voice, a beautiful smile and with a great deal of patience - as is needed with young children. I feel that as a result of Mrs. Choi's values and the Montessori teaching, my sons had gotten a great start to their education years. Thank you very much." - Mrs. R.A.

"Congratulations! Great teachers like you make a lot of difference in the society.  We always support your efforts. Thank You! Happy Holidays to discovery cm staff." -Mrs. M.V.

"We are so happy to see the new school. Sheerin, Neel and Sohum were truly blessed to have you as their teacher. You gave them joy of learning which will be with them for rest of their lives. Wishing you all merry christmas and a prosperous new year. We will visit you soon." -Mrs. D.R.

From Facebook: "Hey S.B., a very good choice of school. That school is like family to me because both of my girls went there when they were in metuchen. Ms.  Monique ( holding your daughter) taught my elder one who is 13 now , when she was 2 1/2 and she is one of the best teachers she's ever had including Ms. Choi,  who is also a teacher there. Your daughter is in very good hands!" - Mrs. RCJ

From Facebook: "I want to express our appreciation for all that you Mrs. Choi, and your staff have been doing for children. My son participated and learned so much from his daily coursework, art class, English and Spanish class, and music class.  We will miss all of you.  Thank you!!!"  - Mrs. D.M.

From Facebook: "Thanks a million for the awesome reptile show today with Snakes and Scales !!! You go, Miss Choi !!!!!!!" -Mrs. A.G.

"Your school has been second home to [my son] this whole year and you and other teachers are his extended FAMILY. We will always be grateful to the love and thoughtful attention you showed him. You are the best teacher we can ever find for him in this life. [My son] wishes you teaching him all the grades upon college.  You made him better person!!  Thank you from bottom of our hearts!" -Mrs. S.M.

"Dear Mrs.Choi,

        Thank you for being my Best teacher I will ever have. You always loved me !! You are always there to help me. I will always try to be the best student I can be and make you proud.
        Happy Teachers Day !!
Love always!! -Sid "  (A former student of Mrs. Choi)

Daily Lives of Your Little Ones

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