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Our Regular Programs
Our programs are organized into three main classes based on age and Montessori training level.
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Discovery Christian Montessori
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Discovery Christian Montessori
Our Kindergarten and the 1st Grade Classes

Our kindergarten class promotes a thriving, rich-learning environment.  Children are supported wholly with a small group of 15:2 ratio, providing the children with dedicated attention and encouragement as they are introduced to challenging and developmentally appropriate work in all subject areas including Montessori's practical life work.  At Discovery Christian Montessori, children in our kindergarten class typically excel, with 80% performing at a 1st or 2nd grade level* by mid or end of the year in comparison to their peers in the public school setting.  Children not only learn the foundation of all academic concepts, but they are encouraged to be active life-long learners. 

Dr. Maria Montessori believed in the "absorbent mind," where the child's mind is capable of absorbing a significant amount of information through the senses.  We honor that theory by feeding children with extensive work throughout the year.  Friends are working on math concepts in advanced addition and subtraction, repeated addition and multiplication, and introduction to fractions and division. Our language program is rooted in true Montessori principles and methods, spelling, reading and identifying the different parts of speech are introduced early on and throughout the year.  We also do on-going author studies and look into different children's literature from prized children's authors.  Topics in geography are extensive with lessons in all the land and water forms, identifying the continents, their countries and the culture within them.  They will also be introduced to our solar system with in-depth studies of the planets and their features.  Practical life and science almost go hand in hand as children are presented with lessons in the basic foundations chemistry and physics. 

Children will leave with a strong informational based education.  The combination of true Montessori methods and tailored care and education of our kindergarten friends establishes an engaging and dynamic learning environment in all areas. 

*According to the Common Core State Standards adopted by NJ Department of Education
Kindergarten & 1st Grade